August Exchange Requests

Aug Exchange Requests

Weeding Assistance

One of our new members in Rattray is looking for help weeding their front garden. It looks be a job that would take ½ – 1hr or so. If anyone is interested in fulfilling this request and banking some hours please get in touch with Cat on the Time Bank Mobile on 07761233418

Volunteering Fayre 8th September

Time Bank, SCYD and BRDT are running a volunteers fayre in the Wellmeadow on the 8th September. If you can volunteer your time to support our Time Bank stall or assist with setting up and running the event please get in touch with Cat. We are aiming to recruit volunteers and promote the volunteering opportunities in Blairgowrie, Rattray and District.

Any Piano Players?

A Time Bank Committee member asked the other day if I had anyone had listed piano playing as their one of their Talents. I have no one who has ticked this but if you can play the piano and would like to offer your skills please get in touch so I can link you together

Creative Writing One to One

One of our members would like some assistance with her creative writing and illustration. Maybe you have the skills to advise and support her trying to get her stories published, reading through her stories and giving suggestions, or have a flare for creative writing that you could share. Get in touch with Cat to be linked with this Time Bank member.

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