March Offers and exchanges

Good Morning

Here are our requests and exchanges for the start of March, if you can help fulfill any requests or would like to offer a service please get in touch or register your exchange on our website


Would any piano players like to get involved with Blairgowrie High School’s production of Grease, with a  performance in June? Get in  touch with Cat to register your interest.

A member is hoping for someone to help them sort through paperwork and help her streamline a little in the house. Could you give a couple of hours a month?

Izzy (Cats Daughter) is looking for thin hoodies or jumpers (not wool) so she can create bags out of them for her next charity stall, if you have any to donate please get in touch.

If any one can help provide lifts for Sunday Tea Parties which are held the 3rd Sunday each month from 2 – 4pm  please get in touch with Kim McBain, the local area Social Prescriber on 01250 871934. Guests are picked up and dropped off for 2pm and the Drivers are very welcome to stay and take part.

Can you provide some companionship and assistance in the house to someone who doesn’t get out much? Get in touch with Cat if you would like to be linked up with other members to share a cup and a blether.


Still some Jam Jars available if anyone wants them?

A member can do sewing repairs and fixes for your clothes! repair and reuse instead of chucking out that buttonless cardigan, coat or jeans. Get in touch with Cat to set up an exchange!

Volunteer at Coupar Angus Community Garden from Wednesday 20th March and bank some community hours for Time Bank. Everyone is very welcome from 5.30 onwards at Bogside Rd, Coupar Angus. They are also looking for old Wool jumpers to felt!!

Thank you for being part of your local Time Bank, exchanging our skills, time and talents.

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