About Time Banking

What is a Time Bank?

It is a simple idea to support and encourage people to connect with and help others. A Time Bank is a group of people who share their skills, talents and information in a way that benefits everyone.  Time Bank members help others and receive support in return and in doing so often will meet new people which in turn creates a better community spirit.

So How Does it Work?

Time banking recognises that everyone has skills, experiences and knowledge that can be a help to others. For instance – just being a good listener or having a chat and coffee with someone can often make a big difference to them. 

If you enjoy gardening or baking cakes, giving lifts or doing someone’s shopping, dog walking, plant watering, chatting, conversing in a foreign language, or anything else you can think of, then Timebanking could be for you.  The sky is completely the limit with Timebanking.  

It is often just like being a good neighbour and for every hour you give you receive 1 Time Credit in return which you can then spend through the Time Bank when it suits you, on something you would like. Time banking is not just about need but also about want.

So if you want something done, just ask to see if a member is able to help.   Exchanges can be made as little or as often as you like, and it can be done to suit you.

The Benefits of Time Banking

There are lots of reasons for joining Time Bank:

  • Feeling rewarded for your contribution to your local community
  • Meeting new people and making friends
  • Trying something new or learning a new skill
  • It’s a flexible way to volunteer- you can fit it into your lifestyle
  • Your credits can be donated to other members or put into the community pot which supports members who can’t generate their own Time credits
  • If you already volunteer for groups associated with the Time Bank you can earn credits.

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