Christmas Whist Group

Our Whist group will be having a Christmas Celebration at the next meeting on the 12th Dec. We will meet 1 hr earlier for a few nibbles and some drinks, and we are hoping to have a little festive music as well. Our Celebration will start at 1pm – 4pm. Hope to see all our regular members and some new faces.

Exchanges for December

A member is looking for help to remove an internal cupboard shoe rack, too heavy to do themselves. If you can help and have a trailer to take them away this would be appreciated?

There are lots of opportunities to help out and earn credits supporting groups in Blair, whether you can help serve on the Rattray Thursday morning friendship club? assist with Time Bank Whist or Craft Groups? Give your time to the young people of Blair High School?

Thank you to those who have already put their name forward for delivering library books to the housebound and those who have put their name forward for Blairgowrie High School.

We are always needing help to get some of our elderly members to groups and appointments, if you would like to join our Bank of drivers and haven’t spoken to Cat yet about it please get in touch.

Exchange Requests Oct/Nov

Lots of exchanges going on behind the scenes at Time Bank but we have had a few requests this week to put out to members;
Do you play Chess or Cribbage? A couple of Time Bank members looking for a regular meet up.
Are you good with cooker instructions? One of our members need a bit of assistance working out how her new cooker works (digital display!! etc)
Anyone free to do a bit of leaf clearing for a Time Bank member, they will help too?
If you are a member, or would like to become one and fulfill a request please get in touch with Cat on 07761233418

New Social Group

After a long weekend, its nice to catch with people, make friends and have a natter. Come and join us we are welcoming, good company and we all have a little bit of a laugh!!! Hope to see you at our first Monday social on the 1st Oct

Door Needing a Paint

Door needs a coat of Paint
A Time Bank member would like request assistance with painting an exterior door. It will require a coat of primer and a coat of exterior gloss. If you have the skills for this request please get in touch with Cat on 0761233418

August Exchange Requests

Aug Exchange Requests

Weeding Assistance

One of our new members in Rattray is looking for help weeding their front garden. It looks be a job that would take ½ – 1hr or so. If anyone is interested in fulfilling this request and banking some hours please get in touch with Cat on the Time Bank Mobile on 07761233418

Volunteering Fayre 8th September

Time Bank, SCYD and BRDT are running a volunteers fayre in the Wellmeadow on the 8th September. If you can volunteer your time to support our Time Bank stall or assist with setting up and running the event please get in touch with Cat. We are aiming to recruit volunteers and promote the volunteering opportunities in Blairgowrie, Rattray and District.

Any Piano Players?

A Time Bank Committee member asked the other day if I had anyone had listed piano playing as their one of their Talents. I have no one who has ticked this but if you can play the piano and would like to offer your skills please get in touch so I can link you together

Creative Writing One to One

One of our members would like some assistance with her creative writing and illustration. Maybe you have the skills to advise and support her trying to get her stories published, reading through her stories and giving suggestions, or have a flare for creative writing that you could share. Get in touch with Cat to be linked with this Time Bank member.

June Exchange Requests

Clothing Repairs

A member has fantastic repair skills and has already provided repair services to two of our members. If you have any items of clothing needing buttons, hemmed, repaired or altered please get in touch with Cat so she organise.

Young People needing a chat

Laura at Wisecraft (TimeBank Member) is looking for a few people to call upon when a young person needs a chat, some support or to hear some words of wisdom. If you could be a listening ear please get in touch with Cat or Laura so share your availability.

Volunteer Creatives

Do you have skills in Art, Drama, Creative Writing or Music? Wisecraft are looking for some volunteers to share their skills with the various members who use their service. Weekly or fortnightly, short term or longer, this wonderful project could do with your help.

Time Bank Groups

We have two monthly groups supported by Time Bank Volunteers, our Games group and Craft group. If you can give any time to support these monthly sessions please get in touch. Cover for the July and August sessions would be helpful as volunteers and our development worker are due some summer holidays!! Please phone Cat on 07761233418 to offer your time.

Join our Craft and Games Groups

Our groups meet monthly to get together, share some time, have a chat, craft and play. Do you know anyone who would like to access our groups but may struggle to get to the venues? Time Bank members are able to give lifts and already pick up some participants. Give Cat on the Time Bank mobile 07761233418 to organise to come to our next groups in June. Games Group -Whist, Cards, Dominoes is on 13th June 2 – 4pm at the Lifeplus Centre, William Street and our next Craft Group is on the 21st June 2pm – 3.30pm at Wellmeadow House.