Groups Date 2020 – so far!!!

Time Bank Group Dates 2020

Crafty Folk

16th Jan, 20th Feb, 19th March, 16th Apr, 21st May, 18th Jun, 16th July, 20th Aug, 17th Sep, 15th Oct, 19th Nov, 17th Dec.

All 2- 4pm at Wellmeadow Café, SCYD


Whist and Games Group Dates

12th Feb, 11th Mar, 8th Apr, 13th May, 10th June, 8th July, 12th Aug, 9th Sep, 14th Oct, 11th Nov, and 9th Dec

All 2- 4pm at Lifeplus Church, William St, Blairgowrie


Monday Afternoon Social

20th Jan, 3rd Feb, 17th Feb, 2nd March, 16th Mar, 30th Mar

All 1- 3pm at Nest, Reform St, Blairgowrie


New Monthly Groups

From the end of Feb onwards we will be having monthly social events in Kirkmichael, Meigle and also Alyth. These will take the same form as Crafty Folk and our Monday socials. If you would like to be involved speak to Cat or give her a call on 07761233418 (Mon – Fri)