Principles of Care

As a member of the Blair and Rattray Time Bank I agree to:

  1. Respect another member’s privacy and/or confidentiality
  2. Respect other member’s viewpoints and not to pressure another member to accept my religious beliefs or political views
  3. Not involve my friends or relatives in Time Bank activities by bringing them to a member’s home or venue of time exchange unless previously arranged with the member
  4. Not solicit or accept money, gifts or tips from other members
  5. Refrain from consuming a member’s food and drink, unless invited to do so
  6. a no smoking policy in a member’s home or venue of time exchange
  7. Refrain from using any possessions of the member, including the telephone, unless given clear permission to do so
  8. Always treat fellow members respectfully
  9. Ensure I advise the Broker if I cannot make an agreed exchange

Blair and Rattray Time Bank and it’s supporters (PKAVS, Perth and Kinross Council and NHS Tayside) may wish to take photographs of it’s members participating in activities. These photographs may be used in our newsletter and general publicity, including the group Facebook page, Volunteer Development Scotland and/or Time Banks UK websites.